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Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds, sometimes referred to as pleated blinds or accordion blinds, are
a very versatile window shade for light control. Available in both 1- and 2-inch
pleats, accordion blinds are designed to be functional and flexible to the décor
of your room. Pleated shades are available in in colours that range from white or
neutral to bold and vibrant, as well as multiple patterns and textures. Pleated
blinds are able to block some light and provide privacy by themselves but can be
paired with liners and blackout materials to give you even more control over
how much light you allow and privacy you have.

Why Choose Pleated Shades?
Pleated shades are the perfect choice for many rooms and styles. Here's why:

 Light Control: Pleated blinds are able to control light when needed. Whether
transparent, light filtering, or blackout, they pair well with liners to get the amount of
control you need.

 Colour Variety: Pleated shades are customizable in a range of colours from neutral
to bold with additional designs and textures to match any décor.
 Consistent Pleats: Accordion blinds stay true to their 1- or 2-inch pleats, meaning
that every time they’re raised, they perfectly re-pleat.

Optional Upgrades
Pleated shades are also available with a range of upgrade options to further
customise and get the perfect window treatment for your room.
 Cordless Lift: This popular option provides a hidden control system that eliminates
the lift cord on your pleated shades and enables the shades to be easily raised or
lowered with the touch of a finger.

 Top-Down / Bottom-Up Controls: A very popular option that allows your accordion
blinds to be raised and lowered in either direction to allow for privacy like that of a
café curtain.

 Continuous Cord Loop Controls: With this option, the cords on your pleated blinds
will be secured to wall or window frame, meaning your shades will have fewer visible
cords. A great choice for larger/heavier shades.

 Motorized Lift: This option lets you raise or lower your pleated shades at the touch
of a button, it’s ideal for hard-to-reach windows, and households with children and
pets, for media rooms and bedrooms.

Other Considerations
While pleated shades are a great option for window coverings, they may not be
the perfect option for everyone or for every room. A few things to consider:
 Privacy liners are available only with cordless lift upgrades and as a single panel only.
 Room darkening liner is not available with cordless or motorized lift.
 Optional fabric liners create a neutral colour appearance when viewed from outside.
 Due to the construction of the shades, light will filter through the route holes even
with a liner.

 Continuous cord lift is recommended for larger and heavier shades.

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