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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are an ideal choice for those looking to cover large windows with
simple, yet durable, materials. Available in PVC, faux wood, and even fabric,
vertical blinds are easily customizable to match any décor.

Due to their size, vertical blinds are the ideal solution for not only picture and
floor-to-ceiling windows, but patio doors and sliding glass doors as well. Their
durable materials hold up well to the frequent interaction they get, especially if
used on a patio door and are very easy to clean!

Why Choose Vertical blinds?
Vertical blinds are the perfect choice for many rooms and styles. Here's why:
 Durable: Vertical blinds are made with durable materials like PVC, faux wood, and
fabric. PVC and faux wood are also great choices in areas with lots of moisture.
 Easy to Clean: One of the easiest window treatments to clean, PVC and faux wood
vertical blinds can be wiped down with a clean cloth for a fresh look.
 Coverage: Vertical blinds are the ideal choice for covering large windows that run
floor-to-ceiling. Additionally, they are perfect for covering patio doors and sliding
glass doors.

Optional Upgrades
Vertical blinds are also available with a range of upgrade options to further
customize and get the perfect window treatment for your room.
 Slats: Slat options on vertical blinds are available in smooth, textured, or S-shaped.
Smooth slats offer more simple style, while textures can add a level of visual interest.
S-shaped slats are a great choice to provide more light blockage.
 Stack Placement: You can choose which side your vertical blinds stack on when
opened: left, right, or both. Considering which side to stack is important for how they
may partially obstruct your view.

Other Considerations
While vertical blinds are a great option for window coverings, they may not be
the perfect option for everyone or for every room. A few things to consider:
 Vertical blinds have a track system with wide slats, which require more mounting
depth; be sure to check depth requirements if you are planning an inside mount.
 Vertical blinds offer some light blocking functionality and privacy but not as complete
as other options.

 Vertical blinds are proportioned for large windows or doors and can look strange on
smaller ones. If covering smaller windows in the same room, consider an alternative
that still compliments the larger window blinds.

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